An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Initiating health-conscious alterations to your everyday habits may firstly tax your discipline, but the lifetime health rewards will more than make up for the little effort. This does not mean that everything you do to manage your health goes against your comfort, truth be far from that. In fact, some personal care activities you can do at home define leisure in themselves. Here are some home based habits you can depend to keep you healthy and comfortable, and the doctor away for even longer.

Good food

In the continuous journey towards perfect health, good food is the universal fuel, literally. Your kitchen is the center of your home. With sound nutritional awareness, you can reorient your domestic culinary intricacies toward meals that are not only pleasurable but nourishing as well. For some of you who consider yourselves healthy in the general sense of the word, the aim of balancing your diet is to fortify your defenses against ailments, in addition to invigorating you in body and mind. And if you got issues with your blood sugar levels and weight-scale figures, the formula to the solution lies right there in your pantry. So, fine tune your recipes today, and consider getting a food balance while you are at it.

Oral and general hygiene

A pain in the tooth is more annoying than a pain manifesting itself anywhere else in the body. If you want to avoid having to see a dentist for an extraction, the evasive tactic is as easy as a brush stroke. Enhance your one minute brush appointment with floss and technique, and don't forget the tongue! Besides freedom from gum disease, toothache and mouth cancer, oral hygiene paints a gleaming backdrop to your smile.

Self monitoring

Prevention is better than being doctored. A good number of serious health conditions can be forestalled if you detect them on time. Furnish your drug-cabinet with blood pressure tester, a glucose meter, and an extra thermometer, just in case the sole one breaks. Use this cheap gear to regularly monitor signs of an appointment with a hospital bed. Additionally see your doctor if you notice abnormal changes in your general body atmosphere, like extreme lethargy and pronounced dizziness. Tip: Place a weight scale on your doorstep (it is artistic)


Simple everyday activities like walking reward you with tiny not-so-obvious health benefits, good circulation being chief amongst them. Amplify these gains by engaging in more vigorous exercises at home. And remember, you don't necessarily need a gym. A few dumbbells and a skip rope will do.

Health begins with you, at home.