Taking care of a new baby is a grueling task for anyone, and some new mothers have complicating factors that make caring for a newborn even more challenging. Here are some of the ways that having in-home health care can be a boon for new mothers and babies.

Feeding and weight gain

For children who have particular issues with gaining weight, including those children who have had facial surgery just after birth or those who have headed home with a nasogastric tube ('feeding tube') after a period in the NICU, having extra support to identify problems at an early point can help to fix feeding issues early. It can also  be useful to have in-home assistance to help ensure that the baby is gaining weight and give support to the mother if she is trying to establish breastfeeding.

Mood stablisation

For a mother with a history of mental health issues, the extra stresses of looking after a new baby, a lack of sleep and extra hormones can potentially lead to a downward shift in mental health. While traditionally new mothers often had a lot of family support, with different family structures some new mothers do not have as much support at home. In-home care can monitor the mother's mood and take on some of the caring duties of the baby so that the new mother can get some sleep and recharge. This can minimise the chance of mood disorders and quickly identify if there are issues so appropriate moves can be taken help the mother, including medication and/or more support. This ensures the safety of mother and baby.

Postbirth care

Some mothers have a medically complicated birth, including mothers who get uterine infections or have postbirth hemorrhaging. Having in-home health care can help the mother to recover, with dressings for wounds as well as appropriate amounts of medications, including antibiotics or iron supplements. While all health-care options might not be available, having in-home health can also help identify issues so that the mother can get other help if needed. Having extra care can help the mother recover from birthing more quickly and get back to her normal health.

Mother-and-baby health issues are highly related in the first months after birth. Having some in-home care for a new mother and baby who have had a rocky start can help to stabilise health issues and get them on a good path for a long and healthy relationship. For more info about home health care, contact a provider in your area.